Rio 2016 Paralympic Games Photo Project 

 Photo: Al Tielemans for OIS.

 Photo: Al Tielemans for OIS.


Four of the world's best Sports Illustrated photographers, Bob Martin, Simon Bruty, Thomas Lovelock and Al Tielemens came together to capture the grit and splendour of the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games as part of a unique photo project commissioned by the International Olympic Committee. Using state-of-the-art equipment such as underwater robotic cameras to cover the swimming events, the photographers were able to celebrate the spirit and stamina of the Paralympic movement.

The photos were made free of cost and license free to athletes, sports federations and media across the world. I was onboard as the Digital Media Innovator, developing strategies and algorithms for optimal distribution of the high quality images across different platforms. 


The digital experiment was very successful, creating lasting engagement and outreach amongst an international audience. Many publications such as Sports Illustrated, Guardian, Quartz, EFE and several other regional outlets in diverse languages picked up the images for their daily galleries and roundups.

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